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Our Tornadoes ParaSport Club is targeted towards people with disabilities, but is open to people of all abilities and ages. Currently our athletes range in age from 11 to 30 + years. The Tornadoes ParaSport Club has grown steadily since its inception in 2010. We currently provide sledge hockey and wheelchair basketball within our club to people of all abilities and skill levels.

Tornadoes ParaSport Club Mission Statement
To provide recreational, social and competitive sport opportunities for persons with physical disabilities.

History of Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is designed for athletes who have a physical disability that prevents running, jumping, and pivoting. It is one of the most popular sports in the Paralympic Games. It is open to male and female athletes and is played by two team of five players each. A point value of 0.5 (most severely disabled) to 4.5 (highest functional level) is given to each player depending on their functional abilities. Five players from a team of twelve are on the court during playtime and throughout the game the point value of each team must not exceed 14 points. (A similar point system is used in wheelchair rugby). The goal of each team is to gain points by scoring into the opponents’ basket and to prevent the other team from gaining control of the ball or scoring. The measurements of the basketball court and the height of the baskets are the same as in able bodied basketball.

History of Sledge Hockey

The sport of Sledge Hockey was designed to allow individuals with physical disabilities (typically below the waist) to play ice hockey. Originating in Sweden in the early 1960's and designed by two men who wished to play ice hockey despite the barriers posed by their physical disabilities, sledge hockey is a fast, physical, and exhilarating sport that is quickly gaining popularity around the world.

Though the rules closely mimic those of "stand-up" hockey, sledge hockey uses specialized equipment to enable individuals with physical disabilities to compete with able-bodied athletes on a level playing field. Players are seated in a small plastic shell that is attached to a metal frame, with 2 skate blades located directly beneath the player. The player is securely strapped into the sledge – this allows for maximum mobility and control while propelling oneself across the ice. Unlike stand-up hockey, players use two slightly modified sticks to manoeuvre around the ice, as well as to shoot, stick handle and pass the puck.

Over the past 50 years, the game of sledge hockey has evolved: the design of the equipment has been improved to allow for maximum efficiency and ease for the player; and, the overall skill level of sledge hockey athletes has improved tremendously. Sledge hockey is now one of the most popular sports to be included in the Paralympic Winter Games.

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